Residential Ducted Air Conditioning in Wollongong

Home Ducted System

Year Round Comfort

Investing in a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system will provide you with year round comfort, eliminate the need to use the gas in winter and offer an easy setting-change option to revert to heat mode.

Residential Ducted Air Conditioning Solution

We offer a range of ducted air conditioning solutions for homes and medium-sized buildings such as apartments, offices and restaurants. Our ducted systems are very discreet and have been designed with flexibility in mind. This is extremely helpful when designing a system for your home and makes installation easier.

Energy Saving Technology

Panasonic’s Premium Inverter technology creates a powerhouse energy-saving home ducted air-conditioning system with the ability to lower both cooling capacity and power consumption when required. Panasonic’s clever technologies benefit both the environment and your power bill, so your green intention won’t prevent you from living a comfortable life.

Home comfort in every season

A residential ducted air conditioning system can be tailored to suit an existing home or designed and installed for a brand new home.

Made up of two parts: the indoor components (fan coil unit and flexible ducting) are concealed either in the ceiling or below the floor, while the outdoor unit is positioned discreetly outside the home.

It can be zoned throughout your home. This residential ducted air conditioning system allows you to shut off rooms or spaces that do not require conditioned air off, therefore cooling or heating the areas required.

The ducting is a key component of this type of system. It needs to be thermally efficient so that valuable cooling or heating isn’t lost travelling between the air conditioner unit and the target room. Camray Air only uses quality R1.0 rated duct work ensuring it complies with applicable Australian Standards. Be sure your quote has R1.0 rated duct included.

Investing in a fully reverse cycle home ducted air conditioning system will provide you with year round comfort, eliminate the need to use the gas in winter and allow you to just change the setting to heat mode.

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