Commercial Ducted Air Conditioning System

Ducted Air System

Year Round Comfort

Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioning system provide year round climate control in your commercial premises. Minimize operating cost and provide flexibility that suits your office environment. Commercial ducted air conditioning keeps your workplace cool in summer and warm in winter.

Commercial Ducted Air Conditioning Solution

Camaray Air offers ducted solution for your office, restaurants, buildings, schools, etc. Our ducted air conditioning increase staff productivity by providing pleasant and comfortable cooling. Our ducted systems are designed with flexibility in mind so we can easily install commercial ducted air conditioning system in your premises.

Energy Saving Technology

Panasonic premium inverter ducted air conditioners are designed to give you optimum performance and save energy when required. Compare to the conventional air conditioning system Panasonic ducted air conditioner gives faster cooling initially by consuming more power and then reduce wasteful operation which saves energy and provides you with a comfortable environment.

Ducted System – Feel Comfort in Every Season

At Camray Air, we can tailor commercial ducted air conditioning systems to your business’s requirements.

Our ducted air conditioning system is able to be specifically zoned throughout your place of business, which enables you to have complete control of the environment – turn off air conditioning in areas that don’t require it (saving costs) and only heat or cool the areas that need it.

Camray Air sources the best commercial ducted air conditioning systems for its fit-outs. Our systems are thermally efficient and effective so that valuable heating or cooling isn’t lost just moving between the air conditioner unit and the area whose environment needs conditioning.

Camray Air only uses superior, high-quality R1.0 rated ductwork, thereby securing complete compliance with all relevant Australian Standards. We’d recommend checking that your commercial ducted air conditioning quotes have R1.0 rated duct included, otherwise you may face compliance strife.

A ducted system is an investment that grants you comfort through any season, completely negates the need for gas usage during colder months, and gives you complete control over your business’s environment and comfort.

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