Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs

Commercial Maintenance

Preventing maintenance and repairs to all air conditioning system

Planned regular preventative air conditioner maintenance has many benefits, such as prolonging the life of your unit, ensuring better unit operation and reducing your running costs.

Air Conditioning maintenance is designed to detect potential system failures and prevent them developing into costly major defects, which can increase the efficiency of the units, saving you energy (and money) and maintain optimum working conditions. Dirty filters and low condenser refrigerant can reduce the capability of air conditioning units by almost 50%, meaning you could be paying more than you need to run your air conditioning and can be having a detrimental impact on the air conditioning system itself.

Rather than risk having your commercial air conditioning system fail during inconvenient times just because you didn’t have time to organise maintenance, it’s prudent to arrange scheduled air conditioning repairs and maintenance with Camray Air and our team of air conditioning specialists in Wollongong. Have the peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about your commercial air conditioning system!

If your site has the requirement for ongoing regular air conditioner maintenance in Wollongong, contact Camray Air and our specialists can organise a quote to attend to the ongoing maintenance of your Air Conditioning Assets.

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