Heat Recovery System

FSV Panasonic

Extraordinary energy-saving performance

A game-changing FSV system delivering energy-saving performance, powerful operation, reliability and comfort surpassing anything previously possible. It represents a true paradigm shift in air conditioning solutions. Taking quality to the extreme — that's the Panasonic challenge.

Smooth Air Dispersion

Newly designed curved air discharge bell mouth for better Aerodynamics.
Our heat recovery system achieve high external static pressure ensuring heat dissipation and stable operation for reliable comfort.

Reliability and Durability

We believe that the best air conditioner is the one that works quickly and effectively in the background whilst minimising its impact on the environment. People who use our products cnn look forward to long years of high-quality performance without the need for constant maintenance.

Heat Recovery System for Reliable comfort in the office

Heat Recovery System are designed for energy savings, high efficiency, and high durability with strong cooling power even operating at high ambient temperature. Panasonic continuously applies advanced technologies to meet the requirements of diverse situations and contribute to the creation of comfortable living spaces.

Numerous technological innovations, including an improved compressor and a newly designed bell mouth and larger fan, have dramatically reduced the outdoor noise level. The result is an even more comfortable building environment.

Heat Recovery System can provide simultaneous cooling and heating from a single outdoor unit. This allows for a flexible selection of cooling or heating operation for each of the indoor units when there is mixed temperature differences throughout a space caused by solar radiation or higher populated areas.

These systems are suited for larger office spaces, hospitals and aged care facilities. With a maximum piping length of up to 300m, Heat Recovery Systems are ideal in multi-storey buildings or when the longer piping distance can offer greater flexibility for installation options.

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