Live Better with nanoe™X 24 hour Air Purification

Healthier Air For Your Home

Installing Panasonic’s latest 24 hour Air Conditioning system, nanoe™X , your home will feel the ideal temperature whilst also providing clean and safer air.

With its advanced technology, nanoe™X deodorises, inhibits 5 types of pollutants and hydrates for easing breathing for you and your family.

As part of the National Asthma Council Australia’s ‘Sensitive Choice’ community program, the nanoe™X Air Conditioning system is industry recognised as a safe solution for those with asthma or allergies. With the average person breathing 18kg of air every day, this state-of-the-art purification solution also assists everyone to breathe fresher, healthier and cleaner air at home or at work.

The nanoe™X effect is possible thanks to the use of millions of nano-sized electrostatic water particles that contain Hydroxyl radicals and ions to constantly clean the air. They react to hydrogen that is contains in odours, bacteria, viruses and pollens to alter their molecules and inhibit them, before retuning to the air as water.

As an official partner of Panasonic Air Conditioning, Camray Air is the Illawarra’s leading dealer, ready to help you breathe easier at home. Contact us today to talk about installing a nanoe™X system in your home or office. Available in ducted and split systems with fully integrated technology.

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The Benefits of nanoe™X

Active Deodorisation

Eliminates frequently encountered odours for cleaner, fresher spaces.

Inhibits Bacteria & Viruses

Envelops and inhibits the activity of airborne Bacteria & Viruses, including COVID19.

Inhibits Mould Growth

Impedes common mould found inside for healthier breathing at home.

Inhibits Pollens & Allergens

All year round protection from pollens, animal dander, mite faces and airborne allergens.

Breakdown of Hazardous Substances

Confirmed to breakdown common harmful substances found in PM2.5.

Hydrates and Moisturises

Combines with natural sebum to coat the skin & hair for a hydrated complexion.

Live Better with 24-hour Air Purification

With state-of-the-art connectivity, you can access your Panasonic nanoe™X Air Conditioner anywhere, anytime. Have control of clean and clear air whenever you need it, even while you’re out and about.

Contact us today to speak about our Split System and Ducted nanoe™X solutions.

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How it works

Panasonic nanoe™X effect step 1

nanoe™X particles reaches odours and pollutants.

Panasonic nanoe™X effect step 2

Hydroxyl radicals alter their molecules, inhibiting substances.

Panasonic nanoe™X effect step 3

After inhibiting harmful activity, particles return to the air as water.


Camray Air have been providing air conditioning solutions to Barrington Homes and our clients for a number of years. At all times we have found Shane and his team to be very professional in servicing the needs of our business. We especially appreciate the “can do” attitude, flexibility and the focus on quality of workmanship with all that they do. I have no hesitation in recommending Shane and the team at Camray Air!

Andrew Manson – Managing Director/Business Owner, Barrington Housing Group Pty Limited

Andrew Manson – Managing Director/Business Owner, Barrington Housing Group Pty Limited

I have known Shane for over 15 years and we have worked together on many projects throughout this time. He is always willing to meet with us and our clients whenever we need his expertise, nothing is ever too much trouble. The most recent project we completed with Shane’s input was an older style 4 bedroom brick veneer home which was totally renovated into a 5 bedroom luxury home. I found Shane to be extremely professional, personable and customer focused. I feel his approach compliments and matches our reputation. Renovating can be a stressful time for people, which is why I appreciate Shane’s input and ideas which helps to make the decision much easier and a better experience for the client. I can’t recommend Shane highly enough.

Scott Thompson – Director, a.class Building & Construction

Scott Thompson – Director, a.class Building & Construction

I have been involved with Camry Air for many years now. Their service has always been timely and professional. The experienced and qualified staff are friendly and helpful, always willing to go the extra yard. Their repairs and maintenance work are always completed in an efficient and competent manner.

Shane Smith – Director, Ramsay Healthcare

Shane Smith – Director, Ramsay Healthcare

Shane and his team at Camray Air are easy and very professional people to deal with when it comes to incorporating air-conditioning services into our client’s homes. Being a custom home builder, they work efficiently with us and our client’s requests providing a great service from the quoting process through to installation. We are more than happy to recommend Camray Air.

Mark – Director, Grandpacific Homes

Mark – Director, Grandpacific Homes

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